What is the #1 complaint by
loved ones after an overnight
hospital stay? 

About ZZZ Chair

Until the ZZZ Chair was developed, there were only a few options in existence, and along with those options there were complaints. The ZZZ Chair is a comfortable, safe and cost-effective sleeper chair solution...eliminating all complaints about sleepers in the medical world!  The unique patented “platform design” and rail system is what sets ZZZ Chair apart from all other sleeper options. It is a platform bed – no springs, no bars, easy to convert into the bed position, and comfortable! Just pull the gliding base, and flip the cushion back. It’s that easy! View the chair to sleeper diagram →

The makers of the ZZZ Chair are driven by high standards of design, quality, and craftsmanship.  ZZZ Chair is proudly Made in the U.S.A. by ACS Services, Inc. based out of Euless, Texas.  ACS Services, Inc. manufactures all ZZZ Chairs in its 40,000 square foot facility in McGregor, Texas.  Standing behind their commitment to do their part in the community, they continue to employ hard-working Americans that are truly gifted at their craft.  ZZZ Chairs are handmade, built using the highest quality American parts available to ensure durability, comfort and longevity.

ZZZ Chair is revolutionizing the industry with its sleek and intelligent design. The name is self-explanatory----Catching Zzz's in ZZZ Chair or ZZZ Chair-And-A-Half is as easy as one-two-Zzzzzzzz…………

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