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Finally – A Comfortable Sleeper Chair

Give your families the comfort THEY NEED, so they can provide the support your PATIENT NEEDS!

Sleeping on a flat surface has always been a goal in the sleeper chair market, but now it is a reality!  ZZZ Chair's unique platform design finally allows guests to slumber as they would at home.  They can curl up on their side, or comfortably sleep on their back or stomach, without the feeling of sleeping on multiple ant hills.  They also won't feel like they may fall out of their bed.  Nestling into the ZZZ Chair is easy...only a blanket and pillow are needed to catch some ZZZ's!

The sleeping/sitting surface is made of the most comfortable, crush resistant, high density foam available.  The foam is wrapped in a fire retardant barrier that additionally assists in the level of comfort achieved.

Some guests use the ZZZ Chair as a lounging space.  You can keep the removable back bolster in its place, and utilize its soft, geometrical shaped back, to lean against and lounge/relax.  A recent happy hospital customer, shared that they have witnessed children "lounging" in this way described, next to their parent, sharing the ZZZ Chair.  Pretty neat!

Comfortable Sleeper Chair


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