Cost-Effective Sleeper Chair Solutions

A positive patient experience doesn't need to have serious financial implications!

While treating your patients, you can care for their families at the same time in an affordable way.

ZZZ Chairs are made of the highest quality parts available and come with a long warranty on parts and workmanship (excludes upholstery).  As ZZZ Chairs are Made in the USA, you can be assured that customer service and support are available when needed.  Take advantage of our field replaceable parts when necessary, and you can keep your chairs looking like new for years long after their so-called "expiration date."  ZZZ Chair is always working on better ways to make sure our customers have the most cost-effective product available, while never compromising on quality.

We customize to meet your hospital's needs.  ZZZ Chair wants your staff and guests to be ultimately happy with their sleeper chairs.  If it means we need to alter a dimension or two, or change the aesthetics to match your decor, this is no problem for the ZZZ team!  We understand that cost-efficacy is dependent upon usability...and happiness of your product!

Cost-Effective Sleeper Chairs

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