Secure Sleeper Chair Design

Why compromise?

Safety is extremely important in a hospital environment.

The ZZZ Chair is the safest and most secure sleeper chair on the market.  There aren't any dangerous articulating arms or hinges you need to worry about.  The ZZZ Chair is so simple to operate, and has only 2 moving parts on the entire piece of furniture.  These parts are the rails, which completes the "rail system" in which the chair utilizes to extend the platform manually into the bed position.   You simply pull the base out, and the platform slides out on its rails .  Then, flip the cushion back, and you have a bed!  The ZZZ Chair is totally safe for users, nurses, & staff! Additionally...

  • The ZZZ frame itself is extremely sturdy, made of the best quality wood available (not frame wood!).
  • All ZZZ Chairs are wall-savers.  No more scuffing up your paint and walls.
  • No maintenance needed.  Just simply sanitize the anti-bacterial upholstery after the patients and guests have vacated.
  • Our casters "glide," and in the event the chair has to be lifted, it is far lighter in weight than all others.
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