Top Complaints about Hospital Sleep Chairs

by purchasers and users

  • "They are dangerous to operate with the numerous moving parts and hinges."
  • "They are too heavy to move around and clean...and way too heavy to move into a small hospital room where we have to lift it up and over the hospital bed during installation."
  • "They are uncomfortable---hard as a rock."
  • "The sleeper chair I slept on was not was composed of 3 uneven pieces...I felt like I was sleeping on 3 ant hills."
  • "We have too many warranties on our sleeper chairs because of the articulating type frames."
  • "Not everyone can figure out how to use the sleeper chairs in our hospital."

Innovation Born Out of Necessity

Everyone dreads an accompanying overnight visit to the hospital.  Studies show the #1 complaint by loved ones after an overnight hospital stay is the lack of comfortable rest.  Our goal with the ZZZ chair has been clearly defined since Day produce a far superior product that finally eliminates all complaints about sleepers in the medical world!

The ZZZ Chair's patented design has been specifically made by engineers to be comfortable, secure and cost-effective... for your users, nurses and staff!

Seems too good to be true, doesn't it?  Well----yes!  That's why we have been in continual development for 9+ years. ZZZ Chair provides a product that puts a SQUASH on all of the complaints, by purchasers and users, about hospital sleeper chairs!

Give Your Guests a Great Night's Rest

It is well known that research has shown patients heal faster by having the presence of their loved ones.  Don't just give the visitors a place to sleep...give them a comfortable bed where they can replenish their minds AND bodies to play that support role they are trying so hard to achieve!

Frame/ Platform Design:  The ZZZ Chair has a sturdy wood frame & platform design for ultimate sleeping comfort, made from the best quality wood available (not frame wood!), and absolutely NO uncomfortable springs or bars.

How It Moves:  The chair converts to a sleeper by use of a patented rail design, perfected by our engineers. Rails are made of steel with a protective zinc coating, built tough to last!  No articulating arms or hinges for safety.  There are no rollers, only precision sliding parts.

Medical Sleeper Chair What's Inside:  Sitting / sleeping surface cushion and back bolster are composed of durable high density foam, wrapped in a fire retardant barrier.  ZZZ Chair complies with combustion performance and flammability requirements of Cal TB133/ ASTM E-1537/ BFD IX-10.

Wall Saver Design:  No more scuffing up your paint and walls!

Maintenance:  None needed!  Just sanitize it after the patient and guests have vacated.

Weight: Your maintenance staff will no longer feel like they are going to throw their back out by bringing a new piece of furniture into the unit!

Customize:  All ZZZ Chairs are designed using our platform and rail system, so they all work the same way.  Customizing the width of your chairs or even the look, is the easy part!  If you want to design your own arm shapes, or back bolster, let us fulfill your wishes!

Upholstery:  We have many high quality options available, including the toughest anti-bacterial vinyls.  See our "Upholstery Options" on the Product List page.  For a different look, try mixing different upholsteries to give the chair that two-toned appeal! about 3 bright primary colors, all used on the same chair, to give your Pediatric Unit a pick-me-up and a ton of smiles?  Call our ZZZ design team for upholstery recommendations to help you achieve your goal.  COM is always an option as well.

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